Our Friday topic of the day was drool-worthy for sure! We wanted to know: If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

JStew: I know they count more as a breakfast food, but I have a deep-seeded love affair with donuts. Yes, I celebrate BOTH National Donut Days, because donuts! You don't really need a reason. If it wasn't for the fact that that I'd be as big as a house, I'd undoubtedly eat donuts every single day, for sure. Above and beyond that, most things are just a passing phase with me. But donuts are forever.

Cori: I don't have a sweet tooth--I AM a sweet tooth. There are so many delicious things out there. If I had to pick one, it would be near impossible for me. I love caramel or butterscotch anything. I love vanilla. I love berry things. If you'd asked me this a couple of years ago, I would have said pie. Pie would be my favorite. But my tastes have changed a bit, and I think I'd have to say that I'm with the ice-cream crowd now. You can get it sweet or subtle, in so many flavors. I think if I had one dessert option for the rest of my life, ice cream would be it.

As we read your answers on air this morning, we got so hungry, it was torture! So we figured we'd share the torture with you. Check out the yummy answers:

Donna Lyford donuts (this woman relates to JStew!)
Sheena Turner Tiramasu
Dennis Bean Whoopie pies... And when i eat all of those ......well...i will settle for (soft) chocolate chip cookies! And gallons of MAINE MILK
Liz McCullen Strawberry shortcake or the apple crisp my K-8 school served.
Jen Megquier One dessert- it would have to be cheesecake. Ice cream would be a close second.
Wendy Clewley Nutella on toast with bananas every day,Or just all things nutella.
Cheryl McManus Chocolate drizzled raspberries
Jason Lawler Ice cream. Either vanilla or cookies n cream
Greg Miller German chocolate cake with caramel coconut frosting ... or pecan pie
Nancy Gildred Chocolate cake
Scott Tucker I’ve eaten hot wings as dessert so I’m picking that.
Sue Simard-Poliquin Magic Squares
Amy Brady Brownie a la mode. You get brownies AND ice cream!
Kate Harrington Cookie cake
Jason Jake Tarr Houlton farms dairy black raspberry ice cream. Grew up eating it. Hands down 100% the best.
Rob Irwin A top brand vanilla and chocolate ice cream.
Amanda Brewer Muddy buddies
Marianne W. Mills Banana splits!!!! Or carrot cake
Jennifer Roy Ice cream
Brian Bent Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. 🐷🐷
Sunshine Fudge Brownies with caramel and sea salt
Steve Cheese Cake
Another listener said cheese cake and coffee!
Now, where's the nearest dessert counter?
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