This week's JStew & Cori's Weekly Web Wonder comes to us via a YouTuber named Tom McGovern. He has managed to do a cover of John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" that features mostly the lyrics "Suckin' On A Chili Dog" in place of all of the other words.

You're welcome.

JStew: When this video randomly came across my Facebook feed, I wasn't even 100% sure where they were headed. Was this a re-mix? Was this a crafty edit? Nope. This dude just grabbed a karaoke track off the internet somewhere, and then proceeds to ruin the song effectively for a solid minute. So he doesn't butcher the whole song, the whole way through. But certainly, if you need a cheap laugh that gets old real fast, this one definitely has you covered on all angles.

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Cori: I have to say, that during commercial breaks, JStew and I will often go searching for these little golden nuggets that we know will make the other person laugh. Thankfully, we also have a ton of very interesting friends, so there's really no shortage of strange and laughable material to choose from. Between our own twisted senses of humor, and that of our pals, there are plenty of funny fish in the sea, it would seem. And I will admit, that when he first played this video for me, I did laugh. I laughed to the point where I almost did a spit-take with my coffee. It's the part of the song that I think everyone that hears it locks on to. For McGovern to make almost an entire song out of just that part of it is nothing short of genius.



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