I remember Kip Winger before he went solo.

Back in the day, before he became the hair metal icon we know him as, Kip Winger used to play bass in Alice's Cooper's touring band. I believe this was in the "Constrictor" era, when he had that huge body builder guy on guitar, Kane Roberts. But just a few short years later, Winger became a household name.

Sure, their big hit single seems to be about hitting on underage girls. But for some reason, that didn't seem to be a big deal in the '70s and '80s, even if it should have been. Trust me, Kiss's "Christine Sixteen" makes Winger's "Seventeen" look like a bible verse. But still, the nostalgia will run deep at G-Force Entertainment at the Bangor Mall on April 13.

Kip Winger is coming to Bangor.

If you were a fan of the hair bands back in the '80s and '90s, Winger was right at the top of the heap. Not just because he was a heartthrob, but because Kip quite possibly had the finest backup band in rock & roll. Rod Morgenstein and Reb Beach are considered virtuosos at their instruments, with wildly impressive resumes. Wikipedia says most of the original band still plays together as Winger.

This appears to be an acoustic solo show, but there is a blurb on G-Force's poster that lists the band Winger as the super secret special guest. To that point, Kip's website does imply that he does dates with a live version of Winger. So I don't know if it's both of those things, or what.

There are also a couple of different ticket options.

A single ticket is just $20 plus fees, or you can buy a table up close for up to five people for $250.The show starts at 7:00 pm and goes until 10:00 pm.

Sure, this may be a bit of a distance from the arenas that made Winger famous, but this will undoubtedly be a cool experience for fans who'd enjoy something a bit more intimate. Tickets are on sale now. Here's a link to where you can purchase them right now.

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