Labor Day weekend is always bittersweet.

For me, this weekend is always the big wind down of summer. I suppose it is for everybody, but for me it means we have to start the process of closing up camp. Sure, we enjoy it for the weekend and have people over. We may even occasionally have adult beverages and a fire at night, weather permitting.

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But ultimately, it just means that the summer is pretty much gone. Next will be leaves changing and apple picking and all the awesome stuff that comes along with it. But warm nights out on the dock are almost done. The view across the lake will go from green, to all the colors, to grey. Yuck.

But not this weekend. This weekend is a stunner.

We've basically suffered all summer long with absolute bull crap weather. Intense humidity, never-ending rain, and just generally nothing felt very summery. But it would almost seem that, for one weekend, Mother Nature is going to take pity on us and provide us with a full holiday weekend of truly stellar weather.

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There's going to be abundant sunshine and temps that are gently nudging around a few degrees either side of 80. And we're talking statewide. Not just up in the County, not just in Portland or Bangor. All over Maine. Anywhere you want to go this weekend, you're likely to met with sunshine and clear skies, according to the National Weather Service.


I feel like we've waited all summer for a weekend like this. And I'm trying soooo hard not to jinx it. We need to end summer this way. We just have to. We've earned it. Be safe, and enjoy time with friends and family...

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