Do you obsess over houses too?

I've made mention of it many times previously, but I have a low-key preoccupation with houses. I'm that guy who's closed on houses, and before the end of the day is back online looking at more houses. I've often joked I should be a realtor because I love houses so much.

Natee Meepian
Natee Meepian

And like most Mainers, I also love a good deal. While I may not drive all over town looking for the cheapest gas, I do love to shop around for the best price on anything I buy. Rarely do I buy anything impulsively. It usually always involves a lot of planning and research. Especially when I look at a house.

There's actually a house on the market, listed at $10k right now.

27 Phillips Street in Phillips, Maine is listed right now by Michael Carey from Tap Realty Solutions. I had to look immediately, because the asking price in the listing was a mere $10,000. That seems crazy by itself, but the inside is actually pretty awesome. There's cool built-ins, amazing wallpaper (that needs to come down, obviously), and other attributes that make you wonder about the $10k price.

Michael Carey / Tap Realty Solutions
Michael Carey / Tap Realty Solutions

Then I noticed that house is actually slated for auction, October 12-19. So it's quite likely this place will go for way more than $10,000. But still... it's enough to get your heart racing a little bit, thinking you'd hit the real estate motherload. It's got 4 bedrooms, but sadly, only 1 bathroom.

It does need a fair amount of work to get it all up to shape, but someone has already begun a good portion of it. It just needs you to come in and finish the job. Is that you?

Let's look at the photos of this crazy cool spot.

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