Residents of the state of Nevada voted to legalize marijuana at the same time that those here in Maine did, in November of 2016, although that state has been raking in the big bucks now for months.

While Maine government hems and haws and waits for either the Governor or the issue itself to go away, Nevada has brought in $48.97 million dollars in legal sales since shops opened there nine months ago.   With three more months left to their fiscal year, they've already generated 97.3% of the $50.3 million that was projected, according to the Associated Press.

This past March, sales surpassed $41 million,16% more than in February.  Month by month projections in Nevada are being beat.

That's a lot of bucks towards things that costs the state of Nevada and those that live there money, things like roads and schools.

While the Maine House and Senate endorsed a bill for the sale of recreational marijuana this past April, no one expects shops to open here until sometime in 2019, after a new Governor has been sworn in, following the election in November 2018.



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