Do you remember your first Lego set?

Mine was pretty random. I'm not even sure it was an actual set per se, but I built every imaginable "spaceship" I could think of. I never had the patience to do one of those fancy kits, but I'd sit and build stupid-looking ships for hours at a time, then tear them apart and start all over again.

In fact, when I was a kid, my older cousin in Connecticut got a job working for Lego. He said it was as cool to work there as you'd imagine. They got huge discounts on the latest trends and got tons of B-stock for free. But I gotta say, not once did that guy ever gift me any Legos. Do I still sound mad? Well yeah, kinda. Hahahaha.

This is definitely worth a trip to Southern Maine.

Maine will be hosting its first-ever Lego convention in Portland on April 30 and May 1, at the Portland Expo. It's literally going to be all things Lego. There will be professional Lego artists, a special Star Wars section, meet and greets, and local Lego artists showing off their own personal Lego creations, according to WGME.

Again, I will not be one of those people. I can barely write my own name, let alone do anything super visually creative. I love being a musician, but that's about the extent of my artistic skills. I've looked at the amount of work that goes into those things, and I just don't have that kind of brain, haha.

But it sounds like a blast, whether you can build anything or not. I'm always amazed by other folks' abilities to do cool stuff, so that'll be my inspiration for it. Maybe yours is totally different, but who cares?! Maybe I'll see you there... If you want more information, scope this link and get all you need.

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