I grew up on lobster. I also grew up on mayo.

I love both of these things. I even love them together. But I'm an actual fan of mayo. I don't just love it on a lobster roll. I put on all kinds of things. Even french fries. Heck, add a touch of garlic and I'm pretty much in heaven. But I also understand that not everyone loves mayo. Some people straight-up hate hate it.

I used to work in a restaurant where they only put the smallest amount of mayo on right at the end. And it was just a shmear on top, not slathered in it. It was amazing. On the other hand, I'm a grown up, so I don't flip out about things like food. If I don't like something, I don't eat it. I definitely don't go on Reddit to aggressively pontificate about it.

This person thinks mayo is the absolute devil, and is yelling from the rooftop.

I was cruising through Reddit, and I saw this person basically saying that restaurants everywhere are absolutely ruining lobster rolls by adding mayo, and that most places are tone deaf for putting it on there. I might argue that this person is in the minority, and restaurants are catering to the largest cross section of customers.

Now, you scroll down into the comments, and people come out in droves in defense of mayo. I can certainly appreciate that not everyone wants it, but to this person goes on to imply that restaurants should put everything on the side and customers put it together themselves? Like, what?!

But hey... this is the internet. It's there for everyone to feel special. Personally, I don't go to a restaurant expecting any kind of special treatment. You don't like the way they do it? Don't go there. But hey, if you are a mayo hater, know that this person is out there taking the charge in defense of your mayo hating taste buds. But I'll always be Team Mayo, in case anyone asks.

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