Aqualand created a lot of childhood memories for just about any kid that grew up in downeast Maine back in the 60s and 70s.  It was the area's answer to a zoo.

Ask anyone who attended school this area back then, and chances are they remember taking a field trip to Aqualand, to feed the seals, have a picture taken with a young Canadian Lynx, watch the bears, admire the mechanical animals on springs, or ride the small miniature train.

Aqualand once operated in the Salt Pond marsh area of Frenchman Bay at 1351 Route 3, almost at the head of Mount Desert Island. It was started by the Shelton family in the 60s, but then sold to the Garber family later that decade.  It continued operations until it closed in the 80s, after being declared one of the worst zoos in America by the Humane Society of the United States. Critics of Aqualand declared that the animals were not kept in an environment that came close to each one's natural habitat.

But like attractions such as the Trenton Drive-In and Karland, Aqualand brings back wonderful childhood memories to many, when the area was much less populated, and such simple attractions brought a lot of joy.

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