I was lucky enough to go to The Lost Kitchen once.

It was going on 4 years ago now, but a friend of my wife and I had gotten a call from The Lost Kitchen in Freedom. Their postcard had been drawn as an alternate after another party couldn't make their reservation. Naturally, we jumped at the chance. Sure, it wasn't cheap, but that's not why you go.

You go for the experience. And it's an experience for sure. You don't choose what to eat, you just eat what they're serving that day. But again, that's also part of the adventure. I ate things that night unlike I'd ever had in most places I'd been to. But luckily for Mainers, we have a robust restaurant scene with chefs who are just as talented as TLK owner, Erin French.

But this season, it's going to set you back a few more bucks.

When I went five years ago, I believe it was $150 per person. That didn't include tip or the drinks we had that night. But I'll always go down as it was worth every penny. But this year if you're lucky enough to have your postcard drawn in the lottery for their reservations, it's going to cost $250 per person, according to the BDN.

We all know that everything costs more these days. From the supplies that businesses bring in, to paying farmers to raise food for them in a setting like TLK. Not to mention, it costs more to employ people than ever before. While higher wages are a good thing, that money has to come from somewhere.

Don't let this ruffle your feathers too much. The process makes it so hard to get in, that everyone going will be fine with the cost. What may seem crazy to you, is just a chance to make a memory for someone else. Besides, I'll certainly go in your place. Just let me know, hahaha!

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