You can grow up your whole life in Maine, and never see it all.

I'm always a little flabbergasted when I hear a Maine town name I've never heard before. As big an area as Maine covers, it always seems like it's just a giant back yard, where everybody in the neighborhood knows each other. The thing is though, Maine is a surprisingly big place.

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I heard an urban legend once, that if you were to put a hinge in Kittery and fold Maine over, we'd reach all the way to Delaware. That may actually be a bit of a stretch, but don't ever underestimate how big we are. So it would make sense, that if you're not from here, it may seem intimidating to figure out what kind of Maine adventure you want. Well luckily, it's actually pretty easy to break it down.

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Maine's 8 tourism regions make it easy to figure out what you're after.

In simple terms, Maine's tourism regions break down something like this:

  • Aroostook County
  • Kennebec Valley
  • Highlands
  • Downeast & Acadia
  • Midcoast & Islands
  • Maine's Lakes & Mountains
  • Maine's Beaches
  • Greater Portland & Casco Bay

Given this info, someone who's not from here could easily start to pick apart where they want to go. If someone wants to see what Northern Maine has to offer, they could check out the bigger towns in the Aroostook County region. They could travel into Presque Isle, or stop in Houlton first. Or maybe head all the way up to Madawaska.

Lobster with lemon.

If someone wanted to get more familiar with Bar Harbor or Eastport, they could easily scope things to do in the Downeast & Acadia region. Of course, there are tons of towns large and small, all through these regions. But there's so much more. Really, a tourist would have to make more than one trip here, to really soak it all in.

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From here, we can just take a bit of a deeper dive into what makes Maine, well... Maine. On thing that will be consistent wherever you go though, are people who will give you straight answers and odd directions. After all, so many landmarks in Maine are based on knowing where you are, hahaha. But let's dig in, and learn about this great state.

Let's take a good look right now, and discover what's so awesome about the 8 Regions of Maine...

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