I'm always Yankee Ingenuity only applied to Mainers.

I guess I could be wrong. But then, that's probably because I'm not one of the smartest people in the United States. I mean, that definitely goes without saying. I've had my moments of sheer brilliance, but by and large, I figure I'm just an Average Joe. There's probably more space than grey matter between my ears. Maybe even an echo.


I like to think that maybe what we Mainers lack in "book smarts" we make up for in pure common sense. Sure, maybe a bunch of us would be disappointed by the results of IQ test, but I'd love to see some lab-coated Poindexter haul traps on a Lobster boat. We may not be the most eloquent speakers, but Mainers have more flawless logic within them than any algebra test will show.

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I'm not remotely saying we're dummies, in fact we're in the Top Ten for smarts.

According to Guru99.com, as reported by Boston25News.com, Maine didn't do too shabby... We placed 7th in the list of all 50 states. But New Hampshire took the brain-cake, coming in as THE smartest state in all of the country. NH has the lowest level of illiteracy, and overall the income range is pretty good. Vermont showed strong at #4.

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Apparently, there are no smart people in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Okay, we know that's not actually true, but they're nowhere to be found, haha. Maybe it's because those places were all stuck in traffic when it was time to fill out the survey. Enjoy your urban living, folks!

We shouldn't scoff at being in the Top Ten.

Given there are 50 states in our country, that puts us in the top 25% of smart people in the US. Trust me, just drive 15 hours south, and you'll feel smart almost immediately. That doesn't mean there aren't smart people down south, but I've never seen Maine on an episode of COPS.

Doug Menuez

Like I said earlier, we have common sense. Most New Englanders do. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and Maine is living proof of that. We practically embody the essence of "work smarter, not harder". So sure... there may be smarter people in other parts of New England, but Maine people should never be counted out.

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