I wish I had one of those little trail rider thingies.

ATV, side by side... whatever you call them. I wish I had one. They look like a blast to bomb around the woods in. That is, until I saw how much they cost. It's hard to justify buying a vehicle that basically costs as much as a new car, but you can only legally drive it in the woods. Still, they look fun.

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Honestly, I'd even take an old school 3-wheeler or 4-wheeler. Like one of those old Honda Big Reds with with giant knobby wheels... I'd take it in a heartbeat. On the other hand, much like snowmobiles, there's only certain times of the year you can use these glorious toys, and frankly... Right now is not that time.

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The trails are pretty much pure mud.

In a recent Facebook post from the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, they reminded folks who own ATV's, that the trails are absolutely in no shape to be ridden on. Mud season in Maine is in full swing, and utilizing the trails in a heavy vehicle will undoubtedly cause damage to the trails.

dirt fly after motocross roaring by

As the MDIFW points out, most of these trails pass through private land, and owners have the authority to close trails if they're not passable. Or, sometimes they'll close trails because people abuse the privilege. You'll always see several posts a year from the MDIFW or from the ATV Maine Facebook page. The folks who manage that page have also issued the same warning.

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Again, there's always that entitled person or group of people, who don't want to follow the rules, and they're the ones that ultimately ruin things for everybody. But hey... all we can do is hope that if people do bend the rules, Karma will come and leave their vehicle stuck in the mud. Is that too mean? Hahaha...

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