As much as people hate snow around here, this came out of nowhere.

Okay, tons of people love snow around here too, for obvious reasons. There's a lot to enjoy about winter in Maine. But, there's also a lot of folks who groan their way through winter because they're sick of driving in it, sick of finding a place to put it, etc. And when you bring up the subject of starting the work week with a snow storm, that usually sours everybody.


I work super early in the morning, and where I live the plows take a while to get out where I am. Same for most folks who live on the outskirts of a small town. So those folks, when they hear snow, it conjures up images of not being able to get to work on time. Heck, I keep an air mattress in my office, just for such occasions, so I don't have to drive in it.

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Sunday's snow won't be devastating, but it will surely be inconvenient.

As of now, the National Weather Service is calling for a rain/snow mix during the day on Sunday. As the sun goes down, this is all supposed to change over to snow. What's interesting, is the larger snowfall amounts seem to be in Central Maine. Typically our County friends get pummeled while we only get a couple inches.

Little Girl Digging Snow with Toy Shovel

However, around the Bangor area, we're looking potentially at 3-6 inches of snow. Our Western Maine counterparts are looking easily at 6-10 inches, and the County is only looking at 1-3 inches. So in the Bangor area, it won't be a Stage 5 banger of a storm, but it's going to cause a few fender benders and cause even more swearing.

Our friends to the south are looking pretty much rain only. Lucky ducks. Although, we can't dodge the snow bullet forever. What's equally interesting, is the temps stay pretty low immediately following, so this may actually stick to the ground for a few days. But definitely get ready to use the old shovel come Monday morning. Yay...

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