Why does Mother Nature hate us?

I guess I didn't really expect to get off without any more snow this year, but I didn't specifically expect winter to kick in on the first full day of spring either. As I sit writing this, we're about to get Round One of some not-so-seasonal weather. We're supposed to be seeing buds on the trees, not icicles.

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I hate these late season storms, because it's a death sentence for my driveway. When my plow guy swings through, he'll inevitably peel up as much mud as snow. It's not his fault, the ground never really froze solid to begin with. But Old Man Winter is wringing his hands, and getting ready to rock our world again this weekend, too.

Parts of Maine could see some pretty significant snowfall.

Skier Making Snow Angel
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I already felt a little caught off guard by the midweek snow, especially in the amount. An inch or two here and there is all I usually think about this time of year, but we're talking several inches. And as we begin to look at the weekend forecast, we may get another several inches.

Car buried in snow

The Bangor area could see another 5-10 inches of snow, possibly... On top of what we have. I'd love to get into a discussion about what's fair or not, but weather never really plays fair. In Maine, it's even worse. You literally cannot depend on the weather for one single thing in Maine. Other than to be wholly unpredictable.

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So if you already went ahead and put the shovels and the snowblower away, you may want to go ahead and dig those out now, before you end up digging yourself out the hard way. But, it sure looks like we're in for a bit of weekend weather. I'll make sure to wave from the driveway, while I get buried.

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