As grumpy as I am most of the time, even I have enjoyed the recent weather.

For most Mainers, this time of year brings and endless amount of yard work, as it finally nice enough to spend time outside, with many hours of daylight to do so. Even though it's not officially summer, you know according to whoever decided when seasons start and end, it's been downright dandy.

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In a lot of ways, this is my favorite part of summer. The days are warming up nicely, but the nights are still cool, and the humidity hasn't gotten out of control yet. Six weeks from now, we'll all be begging for winter. That's how we roll... Wish for summer all winter, then wish for winter all summer. We simply cannot be pleased.

Our weather streak is about to run out.


We've had a good run, but we're in for a reality check this week. By the time we get to Thursday, it's all downhill. We get to enjoy another day or two, but rain is definitely on the way. But, we could definitely use it. And right now, according to the National Weather Service, the rain looks mild. So at least there's that.

dog in the rain

It's not going to be pure downpours for a week. But the extended forecast says that the rain could easily hang around until Sunday. Maybe we'll get a little break Monday, but then it looks like it's right back into the bucket. For days. Now, take that with a grain of salt, we all know Maine's weather is about as predictable as a rabid Tasmanian Devil.

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If the extended version holds out, this could be a pretty wet month. That's going to be enough to spook anyone. We all remember how it went last year... We had great spring weather that all went to heck in a handbasket. So maybe we just focus on the next week, and see how it rolls. Yay Maine weather!

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