Maine's weather patterns never really cease to amaze me.

It feels like we've had multiple seasons in the last few weeks. No real glimpse of summer to speak of, but we've definitely had shades of spring and fall, and of course for a minute we had real winter. Even though it's technically still fall, but that's a whole different conversation.

Snow Clogged Drain

But in December here in the Bangor area, we really all only wanna know one thing... whether or not we will have a white Christmas. It looked really good there for a minute. We had a bunch of snow on the ground and the first truly frigid temps of the year. But naturally, Mother Nature had to throw her typical curveball, with all the rain and warm weather we had recently.

So what does the forecast say about Christmas?

Sadly, nothing really good. We thought we had it made, but you can't find a flake on the ground at this point. I was calf deep in snow three days ago, but now I'm walking around on frozen leaves. It's not really fair, but the weather around here never really is. But the National Weather Service in Caribou lays it all the line.


I also cross-referenced it with the app on my phone, which you can also find that forecast online too. Both are basically predicting that Maine will have either sunny days, or occasional rain, but there's no real snow in our future. Temps will be seasonal on average, but the only chance of snow seems to be on the 23rd. But it's a super small chance.

Thermometer on snow shows low temperatures in celsius or farenheit.

It seems like white Christmas's were far easier to come by when I was a kid. Of course, that's probably all in my imagination. But if you were hoping for a magical winter wonderland for your Christmas this year, you may want to travel to the North Pole. Maybe you can find some there?

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