Maine can be a weird place sometimes.

Typically, one of the things I love about Maine, though in the current state of the world some may disagree, is that we are kind of left to ourselves. In the days of the pre-pandemic, Maine was kind of known as a state where you could do your thing freely without too much interference.

Over the years, that's changed a bit. Somewhat with the times we're in, and in some ways legislatively, we've gotten a bit more persnickety at the state level. There's a lot more head-to-head legislation, and a lot more discourse on the way laws are enacted. And then sometimes, we're just straight-up bonkers.

Enter the Mitsubishi Delica...

So in the world of off-roading/car collecting, there's a neat little vehicle out there called the Mitsubishi Delica. Originally back in Japan, they were basically a small 4x4 cargo/delivery van. Nothing special. Until people in the states started getting them imported on a collector's level and restoring them for a variety of uses.

As explained in the video down below, Maine is the ONLY state in the U.S. to ban these vehicles. To the point where the few people in Maine that had owned them previously, got a letter and email from the state saying their registrations were void, and that they even needed to send their plates back to the state!

All states have a 25-year rule on certain imported vehicles.

Every other state allows these vans, provided they meet the minimum collectible car age requirement of 25 years. Maine takes it a step further in their email to owners, by oddly saying, "Maine doesn't allow off-road vehicles". Wait, what?! What about every muddy jeep and truck I see at the top of Chick Hill in Clifton?!

In a nutshell, Maine has deemed these vehicles unsafe here in Maine and won't allow them on the road under any circumstance. How messed up is that? You build your own wooden bumper, but you can't have an offroad van? What's up with our backward little state sometimes?

Current owners are trying to fight back, but it doesn't look good. The only silver lining might be that these little 4x4's are aggressively sought after. So, they would fetch a pretty penny on resale. But that hardly seems fair. But hey, I'm just a DJ with no power, except to complain.... like everyone else.

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