I fell spoiled with a well sometimes.

I've had some nasty well water in my days, but thankfully never at my own house. I feel blessed to have crystal clear, if not incredibly hard water. I'm sure over time I'm turning my insides to stone, but our water at home is amazing. It makes it tough to drink just about anything else.

Photo by Pavlo Semeniuk on Unsplash
Photo by Pavlo Semeniuk on Unsplash

Not that I've had any real bad city water in Maine. Not like the old stories of say, Boston water that people are still in therapy about. I remember taking a school trip to Boston in high school and purposely trying the water to see how bad it was. It was hideous. It tasted like drinking pool water. So gross.

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These days, if you want the really good stuff, you'll have to come to Brewer.

This week in Bangor, cities and towns from all over Maine submitted their water to be judged by a panel of experts from around the state. During the tasting, the judges look at many different aspects of the water. They check it for clarity, odor of any kind, and of course, taste.

A black tap pouring water into a sink
Rich Walker

According to WABI, this year's top choice was from Brewer! From here, Brewer's water will head to the national contest, which will be in February of next in Washington, DC. Last years winner took many people by surprise when it came from the Skyline Mobile home Park in Presque Isle. To be fair, one shouldn't really judge the source, when judging the water. Thankfully, we live in a state that cares very deeply about drinking water.


Having been born and raised in the area, I can honestly say I have zero problems with Brewer water. As city water goes, you can't ask for much better, and it's always consistently clear and free of funky smells. Let's be real, if you have those two bases covered, you really can't go too wrong from there.

This list is incredibly important. Everyone deserves a home and a family.

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