Hot cars are brutal.

There's no worse feeling on a hot day, than having to get into an even hotter car. In the heat of summer, the inside of a vehicle is  almost mind boggling. You wouldn't think that sitting in the sun for a short time could produce such intense heat. But you gotta figure, all that insulation that keeps your car quiet, pretty much also turns it into an insane hotbox.

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After an hour in the sun, cars can reach 116 degrees. Add a super dark / black interior, and that can go even higher as the dark colors will absorb the heat, and then add it to the ambient temperature. It's nuts. No matter how you do the math, the inside of a car is an awful place on a hot day.

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There are a variety of ways to keep cool, but one that's so simple, it's ridiculous.


Sure, you can always get any number of after-market items designed to try and keep your car a bit cooler. Typically though, all those things revolve around putting something in the windows. They're designed to block the sun, but they won't stop the air temperature from rising. You won't burn your legs on the vinyl seats, but it'll still be pretty dang warm.


But here's one thing you can do for absolutely nothing. Like, zero dollars. So what you do, is open the passenger side window, and then while the driver's window is still closed, use the driver's door as almost like a fan. Just simply swing your door several times, and that will push the hot air out the passenger side window.

Driver hand tuning air ventilation grille, fresh air is coming out

That's it?!

Yup. The idea isn't that your car will all of a sudden be cool as a cucumber, but you'll have gotten the bulk of the intense heat out. From that point, the AC will be able to do its job much more effectively, because it won't have to fight the initial heat. You can reduce the temperature as much 10 degrees in a couple minutes.

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Then, crank up the AC and enjoy the ride. Honestly, that first few minutes when you try to beat the heat with the windows closed and the AC cranked, is pure misery. Typically, I turn up the AC and leave the windows down for a spell. But I tell you, I am definitely trying this hack the next time my car is a sweltering sauna.

Just imagine how hot these cars would be...

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