I love Christmas decorations.

I'm not really sure of the how's and why's that led me to being so nostalgic about the holidays. I love the music, I love the parties, I love the family gatherings... All that stuff. It would seem many other Mainers love it to, because we do it at a rate that makes many other states look silly.

House Decorated with Christmas Lights
Nicole S. Young

In fact, Maine was recently placed among the Top 10 states in the US for decorating. Out of all 50 states, Maine hit the Top 10 at #9. Not too shabby for a little state of barely over a million people. All you have to do is take a little drive around where you live, and you'll see fantastic displays left and right, everywhere.

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Does Maine have a favorite decoration, above all others?

Indeed we do! Not only did the list declare the level of participation from each state, but it also quantified which decoration was our favorite. In Maine, we love our snow men more than anything else. That makes sense. We get a lot of snow. As opposed to Florida and its utter lack of snow, where they apparently like ornaments best.

adrienne miller

That seems a bit on the generic side to me, but whatever. That would be like if someone asked you what your favorite food was, and you simply answered, food. By the way, the least Christmas-y state in the whole country is Oklahoma. I wonder why? Their fave decoration is simply Christmas lights. Boooooooring. Although, I love them, hahaha.

So how did the rest of New England do?

Vermont killed it, coming in at #1. Their favorite holiday-ism is the good old Christmas tree. In at #4 was Rhode Island, with their love of window candles. New Hampshire was just ahead of us at #7. Their favorite is also the window candle. Makes sense. NH and VT have a lot of old style New Englander houses. Window candles always look great in them.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Massachusetts was a bit further down the list, breaking out of the Top 10, but still in the Top 20 at #14. Gingerbread is their chief Christmas item. Comparatively, Connecticut hates Christmas. They came in at #15, right after Massachusetts. In CT, they're all about Christmas lights. Always a solid choice.

I suppose it shouldn't really be a surprise that Maine is so high up on the list. I think we embrace Christmas pretty hard around these parts. I'm thrilled to be in the middle of the season, and will be sad to see it go. Until then, I'm going to keep Christmas-ing so hard.

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