Count this as yet another reason I love having a fake tree.

Several years ago, my wife and I both realized we were keeping the real tree dream alive in our house, because we both thought the other one really loved having a real Christmas tree. Turns out both of us couldn't stand it and were more than thrilled to hop on the fake tree bandwagon.

I doubt you'll be hauled off to jail. But it can be a $100 fine, and you'd also lose the privilege of cutting your own tree for two years.

We hated the mess, we hated trying to keep it watered... There's nothing less attractive than watching a grown adult try and crawl under a Christmas tree and empty water into it without swearing. It's impossible. These days, I step on a little button that lights up my pre-lit tree. It's just the kind of convenience I love most.

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Real Christmas trees aren't bad at all.

I understand why people love them. If nothing else, they make the house smell wonderful. then I discovered Christmas tree scented spray. Works wonders and scratches that itch for pine-y goodness. But for all the years when it was someone else's problem, I did enjoy a real tree.

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Max Oppenheim

I like the fluffy, imperfect shape of a real tree. Why the fake tree manufacturers don't hop on the imperfect, real tree look, I don't know. When it comes to real trees though, do you go to a place where they sell them, or do you cut your own? If you cut your own, did you do it fully legally?

Eyecandy Images
Eyecandy Images

It's not illegal to cut your own, but there's a catch...

Obviously, you need a landowner's permission before you just walk out there and start cutting down trees. That's a given. But did you know the state requires you to pay a $5 registration fee for the tree you cut down yourself? You basically have to mail the state a check for $5 if you intend to cut your own. This will provide you proof of ownership.

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I mean, I guess it's important. But how many cops are going to pull you over to see the receipt for your tree? None. Unless they have reason to believe you stole it. But the fact that the state thinks they just deserve $5 out of your pocket for a tree is ridiculous. This is right up there with dog registrations. What's the point?!


I doubt you'll be hauled off to jail. But it can be a $100 fine, and you'd also lose the privilege of cutting your own tree for two years. *Sigh*... I guess we really do live where the state wants to get every penny out of us that it can. So when you go to cut down your tree, you'd better watch your back!

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