I know you can't drive other people's cars for them, but...]

It's something I remind myself about constantly. I'm not saying I'm the world's best driver, by any means. But I try to be safe and respectful of others. Not just because that's what you should do, but because I don't wanna get in an accident and get hurt. So since I have no input on how you drive your car, all I can do is try harder.

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I'm a guy that uses blinkers. I don't tailgate. I follow the speed limit, for the most part. Well, kinda. But at the very least, I try not to be a jerk behind the wheel. And certainly not everyone does. Even beyond that, there are a well-intended few, that are just a bit oblivious. And to me, they're the most dangerous.

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Maine has some pretty specific rules when it comes to things like headlights.

Bright headlights of a car driving on foggy winter road

It never ceases to amaze me, that people just forget the most basic thing of all... Freakin' headlights. I've seen people doing it at dusk, or in the rain. And at certain points, without your headlights, your car can be rendered nearly invisible. But there's one time that seems to just exit people's brains altogether.

driving car in the fog

Fog. Yup... I can't count how many times, in super dense fog, I've seen people with no headlights on. Recently, there have been times when the fog is so thick, in the middle of the day, that you can't see more than a dozen yards in front of you. Seemingly, people think because they can see out their window, they must be visible. But you'd be wrong.

Please... just turn them on. It's literally the law.

I've seen white cars with no lights on, virtually appear out of thin air before. It's scary. Or cars that don't have their headlights on, so you accidentally come screaming up from behind, because there were no lights to warn you someone was there. Having headlights on makes you more visible in the back too, you know.

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Look, the important takeaway is that it's not just about what you can see. It's as much about making you visible to other people. Who's fault will it be if I hit your car because I can't see you? And... it's the law in Maine. You're just supposed to have them on. So for your own safety and mine, just hit the stupid button, would ya? Thanks...

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