Every so often a very special animal finds a very special human. That was the case with Ry the duck and April the human.

Shared in the Dexter Maine Facebook Group, sweet Ry is waddling and rolling in style in his very own wheelchair built by his human.

April shared the photo in hopes that the folks at Dexter Lumber would see it as she was sure they thought she was crazy telling them what her project was.

See the original post here.

April Shaun Souza via Facebook
April Shaun Souza via Facebook

In the comments, April explained that Ry was born with a wry neck (which he healed from) and one leg. Ry's been having trouble getting around, especially lately so she knew she needed to help him out. In addition to the wheelchair, Ry is also on a ducky diet.

The other duck in the photo is Ry's best friend, Mouthy.

Thank you, April, for going above and beyond for this feathered friend and for sharing such an adorable photo!

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