During the last eclipse, I had no pets.

Of course, that eclipse was kind of lame. Maine was nowhere near the direct path, so it just felt like the sun went behind a cloud. Until you looked up and actually saw it. If I had been inside the whole time, I may not have even noticed it was happening. But this time around, it could be a lot more intense.

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From what I can gather, here in Maine it will look quite a bit darker than before and after the eclipse. Some people describe it as feeling like dusk. But as attuned as our pets can be to their surroundings, would they even notice such a gradual, slow change?  Especially since it will return to normal.

Some animals may notice, others perhaps not.

nine chihuahuas

Normally, dogs and cats don't pay a lot of attention to the visual aspect of what's going on, unless it's movement. Light or dark isn't something they tune in to a lot. Because of this, you don't really have to worry about whether or not your dog or cat will hurt it's cute little eyes looking into the sun. Although, some dog groomers suggest maybe closing your curtains and keep them inside.


Some pets may even begin their night time routines, based on the slight change in light. You might see them yawning and stretching more, figuring it's time to settle down.  Some pets may experience a bit of anxiousness. Some may even hide. They may pant more, or begin pacing about. Experts point out that your behavior could contribute to that.

What can you do to keep them calm?

Well, first and foremost, be calm yourself. Pets will take a big cue from your behavior. If you seem anxious and upset, or bothered by what's going on, your pets may do the same. Whereas, if you keep a relaxed attitude, they'll likely be less stressed. you could take that time to hang with them, and comfort them if they get too agitated.

And while dogs may not be interested in staring at the sun on their own, they do mimic our behavior sometimes, so keep an eye out for that. You may need to distract them if they keep looking up because you do, haha.

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The biggest concern though, is to not bring your pets with you to area where there will hordes of people. There will be a heightened energy in the air, where people are viewing the eclipse in large groups. This could definitely increase your dog's stress. But like anything where pets are concerned... A little common sense goes a long way.

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