Personally, I'm already sick of getting letters from AARP.

Mostly because I'd love to retire right this very moment, but I'm a bit too young and not nearly wealthy enough to make a bold move like that. And even though I'm no spring chicken, there's also the very real fear that the social security coffers will be empty by the time I get to retirement age. They'll probably also have risen the retirement age by the time I get there. Someday, I'll probably just go to my funeral, instead of work, haha.


Every year though, a new crop of retirees enters the no-work universe. And if you go online right now and Google the best places in Maine to retire, it's almost disappointing... If you're a Mainer. Because we're painfully aware that most retired folks on a fixed income, could never afford to live in these spots.

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4 of the Top 5 retirement towns are some of the wealthiest towns in Maine.

When I finally do get to hit the punch-out button for the last time, I'd love to settle in a town like Bar Harbor, or Falmouth Foreside. With home prices in both of these areas ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions, you're going to need some cash to live. Like, lots of cash.

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Although, Camden tops the list according to Parts of Camden are probably more reasonable than Bar Harbor or Kennebunk, but the only town on this list that seems like the average Mainer could make a go of, is Belfast. And Belfast is a great town! There's still a strong blue collar vibe that makes it feel much more accessible. And they have the Joy Duck Club!

Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis
Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis

But in general, the average Mainer is going to end up somewhere that they can make their money stretch the most. Sure, it'd be unbelievably fulfilling to live in a gorgeous seaside town, but on a fixed income in a tourist-driven economy? Probably not as likely. So, looks like when I finally open that AARP letter, I'll do it in Belfast.

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