I've been wintering so long, I kind of take it for granted.

I've lived my whole life here in Maine, so I've never really thought too much about what it takes to prepare for winter. It all just kind of happens naturally. It starts in the fall with closing up camp, and next thing you know, the snow tires are on and the wood is stacked, and I'm just sitting back watching the flakes fly.


But if you haven't grown up in it, or you just moved here to Maine... How would you even know where to begin? Luckily, websites like Reddit exist. It's just chock full of know-it-all Mainers ready to tell you just exactly what you need. The thing is... they're all right. Getting ready for winter when you don't know what you're doing is nuts, so listen to what we tell ya!

There's tons of obvious things.

I think common sense will lead most new Mainers down the path to winter victory. Making sure to batten down the hatches, and making sure there's fresh gas for the snowblower, etc. You can prepare for winter just by doing a lot of the Spring things in reverse. Or, you just sub snow blower prep for lawn mower prep.

man with a snow blowing machine working in winter day

But there are still some things that you'll want to know, and you might as well refer to the experts. AKA... Us. We've all been through it already, and have a solid plan. You could probably even start a business here in Maine, where all you do is teach new residents how to do all the stuff we've been doing since we were like, 7.

So if you are a new Mainer, make sure to read this list carefully and absorb all you can about how to winter the right way. You'll be much be happier in the long run.

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