At this point, Godsmack should just get an apartment here.

I feel like Godsmack has come to Bangor enough times at this point, that we should just start considering them a local band. Like, screw Boston... Godsmack is ours now. Obviously, we know how to roll our the red carpet around here, otherwise they'd be playing somewhere else. But it seems that if Godsmack hits the road, Bangor will be a stop.

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Of course, Godsmack has been playing in Maine for decades. From their humble beginnings at the legendary Stone Coast Brewing Co. in Portland, opening for Twisted Roots, to the present day, headlining one of the largest music venues in New England. And beyond, for that matter.

Godsmack 9, Cori Skall
Godsmack 9, Cori Skall

Godsmack returns to Bangor this summer.

On July 26th, Godsmack will be coming back to Bangtown to melt faces at the Maine Savings Amphitheater. They were just here last summer with Staind, and it was glorious. One could expect more of the same this summer when they stop through with special guests Nothing More and Flat Black.

Godsmack 10, Cori Skall
Godsmack 10, Cori Skall

People may recognize Flat Black as the new band from Jason Hook, originally of Five Finger Death Punch. Oh, and let's not forget his mega-stint with the legendary Hilary Duff. Seriously heavy stuff right there... Tickets go on sale Friday, March 22nd at 10:00am.

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Godsmack has said more recently that they probably won't be inclined to put out any new music, but that they do feel that there plenty of fans out there who still want to see them live. So while we may not get any new music from them, at least we know they're willing to drive a few hours up the highway to come and bring the rumble to Bangor.

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