I'm sure this doesn't really comes as a surprise to those of us that live here, but according to financial website, WalletHub, the great state of Maine is right at the tippy top of safety. Even in this pandemic, Maine has proven to be a safer places than some others. I'd waaaay rather be right here in Bangor than in New York City.

Vermont came in a close second. While Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island were in the top ten, they were no where near us. The criteria utilized COVID-19 information, crime rates, and unemployment numbers. Take all that into account, and Maine is a downright safe place.

We also scored high in "personal and residential safety" and they see our roads as pretty safe too. Which I basically agree with. But would also agree that when I travel to other states, I often think about what terrible drivers they are. Or maybe I'm the jerk. I've never quite figured that one out.

If you happened to be curious what the un-safest state in America is... It's Mississippi. I have no answer to why exactly, other than that all the things we scored extremely well in, Mississippi pretty much failed at. I'm sure it sounds like I'm judging, but it's just because I am. You know, I live in the safest state, so it's easy to judge. Hahaha.

I have to admit though, it makes me pretty proud of where I live. I have a killer job, a great house with 2 state troopers living next door (I feel extra safe), and a beautiful state to call home. It truly is the way life should be.

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