Time to get nerdy with history buff, Wolfey.

Adm. Robert Peary's home on Eagle Island in Casco Bay has been nominated to be a National Historic Landmark. Who is Robert Peary you ask? He is believed to be the very first person to reach the North Pole.

On April 6, 1909 Peary set off on his latest adventure. It wasn't until September of that year when he'd reach his destination. Two boats jetted from South Harpswell to the island with a telegram notifying his wife of the accomplishment.

Robert Peary/Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Adm. Peary was active in the 'golden-age' of international exploration. His trip to the North Pole was mostly symbolic since the Pole has no minerals to exploit and no land to claim.

The U.S. secretary of the interior must agree with the nomination. If accepted the island will join other important Maine sites like the James G. Blaine House, Fort Knox and 10 historic schooners.

Adm. Robert Peary's home has been a state historic site since 1955, when his family gave the island over to the state.

Hulton Archive, Getty Images