Both these amazing bands are no stranger to Bangor.

I'm pretty sure Lamb of God has been here a few times. In fact, they were just here last summer when Pantera rolled into the Maine Savings Amphitheater. And you may remember that Mastodon was here a couple years ago, when they were co-headlining a tour with Ghost. That show was at the Cross Insurance Center. Both killer shows.

Pantera 15, Cori Skall
Pantera 15, Cori Skall

Both bands put out their breakout albums 20 years ago this year. LOG released Ashes of the Wake, and Mastodon put out Leviathan. Arguably, both albums are what put those bands on the map. That's not to say they weren't around for a minute, but that's when the world at large really started to take notice.

If you're a fan of either/both these bands, there's some super good news.

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Bangor is one of the stops on the upcoming Ashes of Leviathan tour.

On Tuesday, August 6th, both these metal powerhouses will roll into Bangor. By themselves, this would be huge in every way. When you add to it that Kerry frikkin' King from Slayer will be throwing down some kind of solo set, it pretty much rips your head off. Malevolence is also on this heavily stacked bill.

Slayer, Lamb Of God And Behemoth In Concert At The Hard Rock Joint In Las Vegas
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Lamb of God and Mastodon will be performing their career-defining albums in their entirety when they come to town. So look forward to some serious trips down memory lane that night.

Coheed And Cambria And Mastodon In Concert - Las Vegas, NV
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Kerry King's band is a force to be reckoned with as well. He has a band full of ringers that are no strangers to the overall metal community. Paul Bostaph, who's had more than one multi-year run as Slayer's drummer will be there. Also on guitar will be Phil Demmell, formerly of Machine Head, Kyle Saunder from Hellyeah, and Mark Osegueda, from thrash metal vets Death Angel.

When can you get tickets?

They go on sale this Friday, February 9th at 10:00am. Last year, people kind of underestimated the Pantera show, and while it wasn't a sellout, it was very well attended and a lot of the best areas were gone, so don't sleep on this show for a second. Warm up your pit maneuvers and get ready to rumble the Waterfront.

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