As usual, I preface this by reminding the world that I'm not a hunter.

However, I'm 100% supportive of hunters in Maine. While I don't have the berries to shoot an animal, I've spent a good portion of my life cooking and eating them. I love all creatures great and small, but a good deal of them are delicious, and I'm willing to make that small sacrifice, hahaha.

Bull moose running in the foggy floodplain

That said, Maine has some pretty lax rules about hunting. In fact, a lot of the rules are basically implied. For instance, if you don't want people to hunt on your land, you'll need to post it, "no hunting". If not, Maine law says that you can hunt there, as long as no one said you can't. But on Reddit, I noticed a flip on the concept I'd never seen before.

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There was some belief that you can't hunt on your own land if you post it.

I was going through this thread, and this person was looking for some clarification, because they were told by non-reliable sources, that once you post land in Maine, you can't hunt there at all, even if you own the land. Obviously, I'm no expert, but that sounds like absolute hogwash.

keep out sign

I looked at what had to say about it, and that's where the implied laws came into play. Initially, I thought it was weird that you can hunt anywhere you want legally if it's not posted, but you couldn't hunt on your own land if it is. That's like saying you can't drive your own car after you tell someone they can't drive your car.

Rest assured, you can hunt on your own dang land.

It's complete buffalo cookies to believe anyone that tells you that you can't hunt on your own land. In Maine, you can literally do almost anything on your property as long as it doesn't hurt people or the environment. But hunting? Please... Fire away. The only "rule" is that you'll still need all the proper permitting that you'd need to hunt anywhere.


There's a lot of great stuff on social media, and it can be a great place to get some quick answers. But just as often, you find people have been fed a ton of bull from people who have no idea what they're talking about. But today... We learned that you can do almost whatever you want, on your own land.

Lots of people come from out of state to hunt in Maine, maybe those folks could use some good info like this...

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