Things have certainly changed over the generations.

It's hard to tell how real something is when you find it on the internet, but I've seen memes the implied that a cough remedy from 100+ years ago contained morphine, cannabis, alcohol, and even chloroform. Seems like a bit of overkill for a cough, but then again, there used to be cocaine in Coca-Cola. Well, at least the coca.

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I also remember being able to buy cigarettes for my mother with a note. I'd go to the corner store, and they'd send me right out the door with a pack of butts for my mom. Hey man... It was the 70's. Nowadays, if you just want to buy deodorant at your local drugstore, you need someone to bring keys and let you in like it's Fort Knox.

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There could come a time you'll need an ID for a fresh-smelling fridge.

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There are a small handful of states right now that have been limiting the sale of baking soda without an ID. Like... what?! An ID for baking soda... Are there people out there baking illegal cakes, or removing bad smells from their fridge in some sort of nefarious fashion? Are they worried I'll go back to brushing my teeth the 1800's way?


Actually, the reason isn't that far-fetched. Some stores, in some states will ID for things like compressed air, or spray paint, due to their uses as an intoxicant. And this is similar. baking soda is typically used in the manufacture of crack cocaine. So for the same reasons you can't just by Sudafed whenever you want, baking soda could be next in Maine.

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Are there states that are already doing it?

Yup. New York state has already had reports from grocery store customers, who have said they've been asked to show identification to purchase some good old, Arm & Hammer. I'm not sure what that does, entirely. It hasn't been implied that there's a purchase amount or anything, just that they want to see the ID.

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There's currently no plan for anything like this to happen in Maine. But, we are seeing plenty of the other things. Personal hygiene items behind locked cases. Sudafed requiring ID, plus purchase limits. So is it really all that impossible that Maine could do this? Only time will tell...

Any one of these chains could be next to start asking for ID for weird things...

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