Maine heavily relies on tourism to stay in business...even with a pandemic.


The Bangor Daily News reports that the Maine Office of Tourism is spending 2 million dollars advertising the fact that Maine has a low number of coronavirus cases. They are hoping to offset the losses to the hospitality business.

Right now the campaign includes ads on television, radio and social media showing Maine as a place where you can socially distance in some really beautiful areas that are safe.


Right now the ads are targeting the five states that don't have to do testing or a 14-day quartantine: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The Visit Maine website and the ads on YouTube (like the one above) and other social media postings are getting more views than they expected. They tourism office didn't share if that's actually turning into visitors, but it's encouraging. They are also watching other states, like Massachusetts, to see if they could market to them also.

There are studies that show 42 percent of Americans don't plan on going out of state for the rest of the year. But that means that 58 percent might, and Maine is hoping that if they do venture out, they come on over. The first ads were actually for Mainers to enjoy the state we live in, but always have to share with tourists. The next ads were sent to other states after Gov. Janet Mills allowed people to get tested instead of quarantine.

The last ad campaign will go into September and will really focus on Maine being safe. We are one of only three states with covid cases going down. Cross your fingers that Maine stays safe should others start coming back...



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