Maine is deceptively large.

Have you ever driven from Kittery to Madawaska? If you have, you know exactly how big Maine is. Depending on how fast you drive, and what route you take, it will take you anywhere from 6 to 8 hours to travel from the bottom of Maine to the top. Someone told me once that if you put a hinge in Kittery, it would reach all the way to Delaware.

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As I often do, I was cruising around on Reddit and someone pointed out that area-wise, Maine is the largest New England state. Then u/blzac33 took it one step further, making it clear to others that they only wanted wrong answers. But as you look at these "wrong" answers, it actually gives a glimpse into why maybe Mainers are the biggest in New England too, hahaha.

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Maine's square-mileage is rather impressive.

To give you an idea of actual scale, Maine is 35,585 square miles. For additional scale, you can fit 484 football fields in a square mile. That means you can fit over 17 million football fields within Maine's borders. Compared to other states around the country, we're not especially big, but we're no small potatoes.

American football field textured turf.

But when you really dig into these wrong answers, again it seems more like a statement about what makes us larger as people. I'm not saying we're fat... Well, I know I'm pretty large, but whatever. But do yourself a favor as you scroll through and keep that in the back of your mind. Maybe we should all cut out all the bad stuff? Meh... probably not.

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