Christmas brings out all the fun.

In most cases, I always look forward to the holiday season. One of the things I enjoy most, is Christmas lights. It's been a tradition in my family for years, that we always take a night drive to check out all the light displays. The last few years, one very popular item has become the light-up, sometimes robotic, deer family in front yards.

Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash
Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

These days, I always chuckle when I see one when I have my dog in the car because he always freaks out and starts barking at them. In his little doggy mind, he doesn't fully process that they're not a credible threat. He just sees an animal and reacts. This is also the same dog that barks at the little orange dog near the NextHome realty signs.

My dog's behavior is very telling, in this case.

Today Show via YouTube
Today Show via YouTube

Recently on the Today show, there was a report about a family in another state (Florida, I believe) that had their little lighted deer family attacked, and then hauled off, by a bear. Obviously, that could easily be a big deal around these parts. I've seen massive black bears caught on game cameras right in my own neighborhood!

Check it out...

Obviously, every family that lives in the suburbs or a rural part of the state that has these deer, should be at least partially afraid. Not for their own personal safety, but that of the poor, defenseless little plastic deer that can't protect themselves. How can they even stand up to one of Mother Nature's apex predators?!

But for real, I'm not saying anyone should get rid of it, but if you come out some morning and it's been absolutely mauled/devastated in the middle of the night, you now have a pretty good idea of how that may have happened. Or, it was drunk college kids. That's always an option, right?

See in Florida, I'd assume they were worried about their light-up deer being hauled away by roaches...

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