How long will you wait at a red light that never seems to change?

I live in a pretty small town. In reality, we have two sets of traffic lights in the whole town. That's it. And for whatever reason, even in the middle of the night, they leave the light cycle on. It seems like it could be a great opportunity for a 4-way stop, otherwise you sit at a red light at 2:00am, waiting for it to change.

Closeup of a traffic light by night in Israel. Red light.
N Rotteveel

Let's be real, at a certain point I'll just go. If there's no immediate safety issue/traffic of any kind, why wait? Honestly, in a small town though, you kind of expect that sort of thing. In larger more metropolitan areas, you'd think they have their act together a bit more when it comes to traffic lights. But that may not be the case in Bangor.

One light in particular is driving people to social media.

According to one person on Reddit, the light at the end of the Hogan Road offramp on Interstate 95 is being a bit sticky. This person claims that on a fairly regular basis, especially at night, that you can sit through several cycles and the light won't change. Many people agreed that when it happens, there's only one real option.

Google Street View
Google Street View

People say that all you can do is wait, and safely navigate running the light and get where you're headed. The only real potential trouble is trying to explain that to a cop if you get caught. It's your word against the light. But as often as this seems to be happening, there's even a chance the cops already know.

While it is true that waiting at lights is the worst, what can really be done? You can file a complaint with the city, but they may have bigger fish to fry. It also could just be a glitch in the matrix that'll eventually take care of itself. Hard to say. In the meantime though, if you roll up on this exit, you may be pretty bummed feeling left behind.

This one traffic light may keep Hogan Road off this list, but it probably wasn't gonna be on there anyway...

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