Car insurance feels like gambling, but you always lose.

I feel funny about all types of insurance, really. You dump thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money into the hope that nothing bad ever happens. Health insurance, dental insurance, etc. Big bucks, that feel like you hardly ever use. And when you do, all the insurance companies do is try to get out of paying you. Such a racket...

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Of course, the more you use any form of insurance, the more it'll end up costing you. It's almost like taxes, all that money going to someone who it feels like never really does anything to benefit you in return. But taxes are a whole different bone I have to pick with society.

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Oddly enough though, Mainers are paying less for car insurance than everyone.

According to a recent study from, Mainers are paying the lowest in the country for car insurance. I know it feels like you could start quoting about 50 different commercials right now, but it seems true. Mainers pay a little over $1200 a year on average. Believe it or not, that's 38% below the national average.

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Many factors can come into play, as far as lowering your bill from year to year. Your age, how many tickets you've had, number if accidents... all these things can make it higher or lower. There are certainly plenty of people in Maine who are paying less than $1200 annually, but that's the average.

Michigan and Florida are both the worst, with rates exceeding $3000 a year. I'm guessing this is because of crime rates, amount of coverage, etc. Still, with all the inconveniences that can come with living in Maine, it's nice to know there's at least one aspect of living where we don't get the short end of the stick.

Thank god car insurance is cheap here, because everything else is expensive...

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