Yes, everything about this headline sounds fake. It sounds like something out of a terrible sitcom. The idea that someone would try to pass around fake money in this day and age seems preposterous. How many times have you seen a cashier get out that little brown marker and test a $100 bill?

Recently, Michael Deschesne was simply walking home after a an argument with his girlfriend, not doing anything wrong. Unfortunately for him, a theft had occurred nearby. the cops figured out he had nothing to do with the robbery, but he did have some outstanding warrants, so they took him to jail.

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Now, you'd think that Deschesne might have figured his luck had run out at that point, after being arrested because of a crime he had no direct contact to. That's a bad enough day. But instead, Deschesne doubled down on his bad day, making it go from already terrible, to exponentially worse.

After telling authorities at the York County Jail that he could post his onw bail in cash, he went ahead and tried to pay using counterfeit bills. Seriously. Like, why would anyone on Earth think this was a good idea? Was he feeling like his current arrest situation wasn't enough?

Again, like I said earlier, there isn't a cashier anywhere that doesn't get that little brown marker out to check the authenticity of big bills. So the likelihood of a bail clerk not doing the same is inconceivable. Yet, it happened. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall to hear how that conversation went down.

Eventually, Michael Deschesne did manage to scrape together the pittance that it required for him to get out, according to the BDN. But it's still not stopping a lot of us Mainers from scratching our heads and wondering what this guy was thinking. Or maybe he just wasn't.....

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