It's possible I have a lazy streak.

It's true. When I think of things I'd like to do to entertain myself, I usually like to do things that require sitting down and doing as little as possible. I've never, ever considered any kind of outdoor activity that bordered on yard work. there's too much "work" in that phrase, and not enough entertainment. But hey, whatever blows your hair back...

Post 10 via YouTube
Post 10 via YouTube

I found this guy on YouTube from Maine, and it would seem his favorite hobby is pretty much just as I described. He all but does yard work for enjoyment purposes. One activity David, or post 10 as he refers to himself on YouTube, likes to do especially, is to clear storm drains of flooded streets so they're once again safe to drive down. Sounds a bit odd for sure, but it's a great service to the places he does it.

It does look kinda fun...

While it's not 100% obvious where this video comes from, it showcases exactly what is happening. In it, you can see cars navigating a pretty substantial flood in a road. Some cars are even driving up on the sidewalk to avoid the ginormous puddle. This can't possibly safe, but driving into a huge puddle of unknown depth may not be either.

It's a little on the long side, but once I got going, I had to watch the whole thing, haha. Check it out...

Again, he does this for fun. But David also points out how dangerous it is, and that he's actually certified in culvert maintenance. It's not always completely safe, so it's not anything someone should take lightly and think they can just do. But I have to say, it looks incredibly satisfying to get all that water flowing and basically watch a street un-flood itself in real time. So maybe there is a reason to do yard work for fun...

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