At this point, I feel like we need to start re-framing all these events. Yes, COVID has been cancelling events left and right, but since it's widespread and affects everyone, isn't there a way we can talk about all these different ways of doing events in a more positive light? Often, they're not canceled, they're just... different.

Case in point today... Maine Maple Weekend, which is usually held in the spring, has been moved to next month, in October, according to WGME - TV13. It will be held online October 9th - 11th. Some of the components of the weekend will be held virtually, such as the recipe contest. Folks can scope them out, and judge online here.

There will also be in-person activities at sugar house around the state, but it will undoubtedly have a different look and feel. Scott Dunn, president of the Maine Maple Producers Association said the following to WGME:

Based on guidelines from CDC and local government officials, we are prepared and excited to host Maine Maple Producers Weekend in October. There is no doubt, the pandemic has hit our producers really hard. While the weekend of activities might look and feel a little different, we are confident we can provide the opportunity for people to safely celebrate pure Maine maple and support local producers. October is also perfect timing to raise awareness about the health benefits of maple products. Information about our recipe contest and the producers participating in Maine Maple Producers Weekend can be found at

It certainly is a kick in the booty for lovers of one Maine's tastiest exports. But like I said, it's not 100% canceled, just different. So instead of lamenting how it's not like years past, let's embrace the old "it is, what it is" attitude. Chances are, you'll find yourself actually having some fun!

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