Mainers live in a world that is a total oxymoron.

We really do. For instance, we live in a state that literally depends on tourism. We wouldn't survive as a state if it weren't for all the folks from away, coming to visit our beautiful environs. Yet, as a people there's a lot of guff given to the idea of tourists always coming here.

So that's what I mean. It's almost like the state slogan should be, "We want your money, but we don't you." This is often exacerbated by people who visit here a few times and then decide to move here because it's so charming. Often, just to turn around and try to adapt us to the way of life they left. It's a never-ending conundrum we may never know the answer to.

Then again, sometimes new Mainers ask really odd questions...


The kind of questions that just leave you scratching your head, wondering how they graduated high school. Reddit is a place where you will always fins new Mainers accidentally setting themselves up for a ton of grief from locals. Right now, there's a post from a person with a question about mosquito bites. Seems harmless enough, right?

Mosquito on human hand

Except this person thinks they're only attacking their neck, claiming 95% of the bites are landing there. As Mainers, we know the color of your clothing, and the temperature of your skin, are two of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to mosquitoes. But this person wondered if this was a "a thing Maine mosquitoes do...?"

Welcome to Maine state concept on road sign

No, geography is not something Maine mosquitoes specialize in.

First off, if our skeeters were that smart, we'd train them to pick potatoes. Or we'd at least teach them to only bite people we don't like. If ticks can be weaponized, then so can mosquitoes, hahaha. But again, there are so many other factors a simple Google search would've taken care of. As opposed to taking to social media to ask a question that is going to make locals absolutely howl with laughter.

Look, maybe you just moved here and are absolutely wondering some of these same things. But maybe the right move, for your own feelings sake, is just to ask a co-worker. Maybe ask a new neighbor. You're still going to be made fun of a little bit, but wouldn't it be nicer if it was one or two people, and not the whole internet? There's a little of that Mainer common sense you'll get to know soon enough...

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