You always expect big price tags when you can see water out the window.

Here in the Pine Tree State, obviously the oceanside commands the biggest bucks in real estate, but honestly Maine's lakes and rivers offer some pretty amazing water views that can't be argued with. My family's camp is on a small little puddle in the northern part of the state, and it's still one of the most beautiful places on Earth, to my eye.


Ok, maybe the towers and windmills make it not quite as cool as years ago, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. However, there are times that properties in Maine that are nowhere near the water, can still command an impressive price tag. Case in point down in the town of Pittston, just outside of Gardiner.

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Let's be real, this is pretty much a small town.

No joke. Spread out over several amazing buildings on the property, is some 30,000sf of living space. Or rental space. I say that because, on top of the many other buildings on the property, there's an actual church. So between all the buildings, houses, garages, and a frikkin' church, you're set in every way.

Anna Boucher - Pouliot Real Estate
Anna Boucher - Pouliot Real Estate

So really, unless you're fixing to start cult with an elaborate compound, or looking to secede from Pittston, it's safe to assume that it will belong to someone who's looking to own the most well-rounded wedding destination in all of Maine. There's space to have the event, host the reception, and even house the guests afterwards.

This amazing, sprawling plot of awesomeness is listed by Anna Boucher from Pouliot Real Estate, for the reasonable sum of $5.5 million. For all that comes with it, that ain't bad. And again, if you're looking to own a full-package wedding/event destination, this is the spot. But hey... Scope the photos and decide for yourself.

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