First and foremost, I can't provide you a direct link.

If I try to go visit a certain website for mature audiences, which is the source of info for this most searched of terms, I will likely end up in some kind of "work training" about why we don't go to such sites at work. I can't think of a place I'd like to look at one less. The last place I'd ever even think about it is where I work. But that's just me... Not to mention, I don't think anyone needs help in finding that kind of content.

Oleg Elkov
Oleg Elkov

However, I did find a screenshot of their map on Reddit, which shows the most-searched terms from every state on the popular site. Reddit also includes a map of last year's most-searched terms, but we won't get into that.

I was pretty surprised to see this year's entry from Maine, though.

Apparently, we have some very specific tastes.

In 2022, Mainers searched the term "anime" more than any other on the site. That must mean there are definitely some Mainers out there who like their mature themes with a side of cartoons. I'm not sure why you'd go to such a website to watch cartoon versions of people, but I'm also here to tell you to let your freak flag fly.

Here's a thought though... What if people really just want to search the word "Maine"? I can't count how many times I've gone to type the name of our great state, and ended up somehow typing anime instead. Alright, the answer is zero. Zero times. But still, maybe we don't have a cartoon fixation at all, and we're just looking for fellow Mainers? I dunno...

Visitors Participate To The London Comic Con 2022
Hollie Adams

But there's absolutely no shame in being into whatever you're into.

Not everyone's interests are the same, we all know that. And honestly, I'm not sure what I thought would be the most searched in Maine. Maybe lobsters? That sounds painful. We won't even talk about crabs. That sounds even worse in this context, am I right?

Anyway, now you know. I'm sure you'll sleep better knowing that we don't have some of the searches that other states do. I suppose we can feel almost wholesome about ourselves. Well, until you look at Maine 2021... But again, do your thing. No shame here. Be yourself, no apologies.

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