Are you excited for the upcoming eclipse?

In my lifetime, there have been a handful of solar eclipses. But in the past, they were always what I'd describe as only partial eclipses. In that case, the sun doesn't really cover the whole sun, and it leaves a little crescent shape in the sky. But in April, Maine is going to get the full experience, and a large chunk of Maine is at the center of the action.

Folks who already just happen to live in the path of totality, which should rip right through the upper center of the state, you'll enjoy unparalleled views of the solar spectacular. Weather permitting, of course. Everyone else will either need to travel to this area, or simply get what they get, wherever they are.

One thing you probably won't get, is a hotel room.

For those coming from farther downstate, or from out of state altogether, you're going to need a plan, and soon. Things like hotel rooms, Airbnb's, and campsites are going fast, according to News Center Maine. If you've waited until this point to try and find a spot to billet down for the night, you're likely having no luck.

Budget hotel room
Yong Hian Lim

If you have friends or family in the area, that's going to be your best bet. Although, people who live up that way may already be renting spare rooms, letting people pitch tents in their yards, or even letting people pay to park on their property. There's a ton of opportunities to make money off this event.

Traveling up there will also just be a nightmare in general.

In the day or two before, and after, traffic in that part of Maine will also be crazy. It might be a good idea not to be in a rush. Maybe take a vacation day, maybe keep the kids out of school for a day... Whatever you decide, just don't expect to be able to rush through any of it. It's going to be nuttier than Bar Harbor on July 4th.

fireworks isolated on Black

The biggest lesson might just be to lower your expectations a bit at this stage. Trying to force your will onto it won't help. There's either rooms, or there aren't. Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. So if anything, accept your fate, take a deep breath, and enjoy the unreal show Mother Nature is going to put on for you.

You can go into Baxter State Park, but Spring rules apply. So maybe we won't add watching eclipses to this list for Baxter...

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