I get why we have to pay taxes, but I absolutely do not understand the IRS.

I'm sure there will be men in black blasting through my office window any minute for saying that. But it's true. Of course, I feel that way about a lot of governmental things, but that's a whole other tale. I don't have a problem with paying my share, because the money has to come from somewhere.

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JJ Gouin

But how does a large agency like the IRS forget what it said. Not only forget, but double-down in reverse. When we got the heating stimulus checks a while back, I feel like one of the hold-ups, was that the state was verifying that the money wouldn't be taxed by the feds. To which they seemingly agreed.

Hold horses, Bucko.

Just last week, it came to light that indeed, the feds fully intended to tax those $450 checks. Naturally, this news ruffled the feathers of pretty much every tax-paying Mainer that got one of those checks. I can't say it seemed impossible, just more of a Murphy's Law style kick-in-the-pants.


Thankfully, with much pressure from state government, the IRS has recognized their previous commitment to Mainers, and has reversed their decision a third time, according to CentralMaine.com. This time, to the benefit of Mainers. Something that I think we can all agree, thought wouldn't happen. It's usually the short end of the stick.

But hey... this time, the squeaky wheel got the grease. For a lot of Maine folks, it wouldn't have been a huge deal. But for others, any extra money put in the wrong place can cause any number of headaches. Luckily, it worked out. This time.

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