The last round of aurora borealis pretty much broke the internet.

I do love cruising Reddit. Not just for work, either. I enjoy the drama that occasionally unfolds, and the comment sections are usually pure gold. But when we had that unreal display of northern lights a few weeks ago, it literally took over everything. Every other post on Reddit was the blue-green-purple beauty of the lights.

It's weird too, because the only time I ever saw the northern lights, it was definitely in an area I shouldn't have been able to see a thing. I was in the middle of Portland, and they were bright as day in the sky. It was truly astounding. People's photos from this last round were also crazy. And it just might happen again...

The same conditions that brought the last auroras, may be happening again.

Northern Lights in Voyageurs National Park

Sunspot AR3664 was the catalyst for the last aurora. It sent a blast of energy towards Earth that scientists would produce some serious auroras when the energy released from it reached our planet, according to The flares currently being sent off into space are pointed away from Earth.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

But, as the sun also rotates on its own axis, the sunspot still seems to have a lot of gas left in the tank. There's some evidence that as the sun spins back around this way, that AR3664 could still hurl flares toward our planet that could produce similar conditions that gave us our last cosmic display.

Beautiful green northern lights and snowmobile on foreground, Norway

What are the odds it will be as intense as last time?

Actually, things look pretty promising. What scientists are witnessing as flares of similar intensity as the last time. But as of yet, there are no official forecasts. However, people are already creating a bit of a buzz about it on the Maine Aurora Borealis Watch page on Facebook. To me, that's a pretty good sign.

That page gained thousands of new followers in a matter of a couple days last time. so there's a lot more people keeping tabs on upcoming activity. So while we still should be crossing our fingers at this stage, the buzz being generated gives some strong hope for what's on the way.

It's possible they may be this good again....

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