Despite the fact that Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind as to which season we're actually in, many Mainers have thrown caution to the wind and are taking to the state's many marvelous waterways. As it's one of the only activities left that we can enjoy, within the guidelines of social distancing and Covid-19 regulation, heading out on a boat to fish, or take in Nature would seem like a healthy thing to do, for both mind and body. But it's only healthy if you survive the ride. And while the water may look picturesque right now, it's still freezing cold if you end up in it!

That's why State Officials from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are taking the time to remind boaters to make put on their life-jackets and life-vests. They also say folks on the water should be aware of their surroundings and of any changes in weather patterns, because as the old adage says..."Don't like the weather in Maine? Just wait a minute."

There's truth in that statement, and as we all know, the weather can shift gears in a matter of moments, round these parts. And that can lead to trouble for some folks, if they're not prepared.

According to the Department's FaceBook page, "The Maine Warden Service has responded to two boater fatalities in the last week, as well as several cases of capsized kayaks and canoes this spring."

I know some people think simply having a jacket or vest nearby is safe enough, but when it comes to a life or death situation, especially on the water, every second counts. It's better to be safe and unfashionable than to end up in deep trouble, or worse, deep water, without important safety equipment.

I had a friend who used to make a habit out of complaining about how uncomfortable wearing "those things" were, until his girlfriend (now wife) said it was probably roomier than a coffin. He got the message, and didn't object again.

Bottom line, there are never any warm waterways in the state of Maine, outside of a kiddie pool full of toddlers.

It doesn't matter how quick you think your reflexes are in an emergency. Everyone moves a little slower when their cold. Be smart. Suit up. Stay safe and enjoy!


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