I can't say I've ever had convince anyone Maine was real.

In my days traveling around the country, I personally never met anyone who hadn't at least heard of Maine. Often, they couldn't necessarily tell you where it was. A lot of folks over the years have assumed it was above upstate New York. Some people have mistaken it as a part of Canada even.

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I get it. Maine is a small place, people-wise. So is Rhode Island, but they get default attention due to their proximity to bigger things around them. I remember once on tour, someone found out I was from Maine, and simply asked, "Do you know Dave?"

The irony was... I knew Dave.

A displaced Mainer shared a crazy story we can all at least relate to.

A Maine woman, living in Washington, shared a story on Reddit of something that just happened to her husband. When he went to get a prescription filled recently at the local pharmacy, her husband and the pharmacy tech got into a fairly heated debate about whether or not Maine was a state.


The tech argued that Maine was not in their database. Likely, as pointed out in the comments, the tech probably wasn't spelling it right. Because otherwise, a whole state would be omitted from their computers. That can't be right... Then the tech gets another coworker in on the argument, who says Maine is a part of Massachusetts. Ugh...

How can people still think this way?

As popular a tourist destination as Maine is, you'd think there'd be a little more information about our real-ness. Are there people coming into our state on vacation that believe they're in Mass? Do they think they're in Canada? Never once in my life, have I ever found myself being presented a state I'd never heard of.

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I guess this is the price we pay for living up in the arm pit of the US. People just don't let their eyes, or their education level, go north of Boston. Oh well. I guess we're just relegated to the far corner, to be misunderstood for eternity. Could be worse... We actually could be a part of Massachusetts. That just wouldn't be right...

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