If you really want a Mainer's opinion about snow, just ask.

As a people, we aren't really gun-shy about sharing our feelings about certain things. Not our real feelings... Like the stuff that goes on deep in our soul. But we'll gladly give you a rousing discussion about why we love or hate snow. It'll be like pulling the starting cord on a chainsaw, once you get it going, it won't stop until you shut it off.


I do get there are some fun things to do in the snow, and that's probably where the line in the sand is drawn. If you do things like ski or snowboard, you probably have a deep reverence for snow. If all it means to you is having to find a day-sitter because the kids will otherwise be alone all day, you likely hate snow.

Why would anyone hate snow so bad?

To me, that answer is pretty obvious. Driving or walking in snow is the pits. I suppose it could have its romantic aspects that might make those activities more enjoyable. The crappiest things on Earth are much more enjoyable if you like who you're spending time with. If not, you'd rather cry into your coffee.

This is a photograph of Hot coffee

I don't necessarily love being a bit of a leadfoot behind the wheel, but you certainly can't do much fancy driving when there's snow. If anything, you have to drive the way a penguin walks. Just kind of waddle slowly until you get where you're going.

Being obsessed with snow makes you look a little crazy.

On the other side, I've always thought that were over-the-top enthusiastic were a little off. No one should like snow that much. When you start trying to convince me that I "just don't get it", I'm likely to double down and stop listening. I'm glad you've unlocked the secret to enjoying winter, but I'll always think you're at least partially faking it.

Snowboard Jump
Ben Blankenburg

But hey... we can project all we want about what people really think, or we can just see what people have said on Reddit. Let's take a deep dive and see what the consensus is...

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